Best Anime Clothing Store In India


Best Website still yet to come in INDIA, With Better Designs and Quality, Delivery Time.

For Now we got these Stores to Shop From

#1 – KiyoDrip


If you are looking for various clothing sizes for your family, KiyoDrip should be your next stop. The store exclusively makes their merch, meaning that you can always find a size that fits you.

You can even order different arts of the same size and have your order custom made. They offer clothing with diverse anime characters to try and meet the changing needs in the market.

One unique thing that sets this brand apart is its ability to work hand in hand with anime creators to gain officially licensed titles.

You can find any style here, from YuYu Hakusho, Katsuki Bakugo to Evangelion, Mikami Satoru t-shirts, hoods, caps, and sweat pants.

You will also love their easy to navigate online store, where you can effortlessly search your preferred anime character on the listed menu.

They mainly focus on t-shirts, and they offer numerous designs with very bold graphics and colors. Expect to find outfits with standard colors like black, grey, and other brighter ones like blue, purple, and pink. Thus, you have multiple options to choose from.


Quick Overview

  • Note: Officially licensed anime products
  • The average price for items: ₹999
  • Payment methods: Multiple
  • Shipping: INDIA ( 5 – 7 Days )

#2 – ComicSense


It’s another one-stop anime clothing store that offers an exceptional collection. You may want to try out their One Piece inspired outfits, one of the store’s best-selling items.

They also provide exclusive lists of other favorites like Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro. Some collections feature popular manga properties like RWBY, Kanosuba, Mob Psycho 100, and RE: Zero.

You are sure to find anime-themed hoodies, long sleeves, shorts, jean jackets, and t-shirts in different colors. The store regularly stocks their merch, and they have an excellent selection for any fashionable horror fan. If you need the limited Junji Ito themed outfit, then this is your ideal store.

One thing that differentiates them from other sellers is their ability to transform anime with some creative, fresh rose-tone ink in addition to the artwork.

Since they also offer live streaming services, the store often introduces new graphics to match their latest shows.

ComicSense offers international shipping, but you might have to pay custom and import fees based on your location.

Quick Overview

  • Note: Officially licensed anime products
  • The average price for items: ₹1299
  • Payment methods: Multiple
  • Shipping: INDIA ( 5 – 7 Days )

#4 – RedWolf


It’s a New York-based clothing store where you can find an extensive list of unique anime and Japanese inspired outfits. You may want to try out their Mecha hoodies and tees.

As a Gundam fan, you will find some unique designs that will take you back to the 90’s mecha era. One of Imouri’s best-selling items is the Karoshi with some dark undertones. You can shop for anime-inspired hats, bags, hoodies, and shirts.

Imouri avails exceptionally high-quality clothing made from 99% premium cotton and a 1% poly-blend material that guarantees high durability, softness, and the ability to stretch without damage.

Quick Overview

  • Note: Resides in New York, US
  • The average price for items: ₹699
  • Payment methods: Multiple
  • Shipping: INDIA ( 5 – 7 Days )


#4 – Sleek&Peek


Sleek&Peek is an online clothes shopping store inspired by anime and Japanese street fashion. It’s your ideal stop if you are looking forward to some streetwear, anime look, and minimalism.

You may want to try out their hoodies, with the softest materials in the market. Some of them have an embroidery overlap design on the print bringing out a unique style.

Check out their extensive list of t-shirts with very simplistic designs but excellent quality.

Most of them seem breathable, and you can comfortably wear the shirts under a jacket or flannel. Still, you can also shop for denim jackets and other creative fashion clothes.

Some of the anime collections you can select from include; Hataraku Mao-sama, Attack on Titan, Death Parade, and Tokyo Ghoul.

One remarkable thing about Sleek&Peek is their creative fashion design with endless variations of expressions. The store allows you to pay for your purchases using Visa CreditCard, Mastercard, Paypal, iDeal, or even SOFORT Banking.

Quick Overview

  • Note: Creative fashion design with endless variations of expressions
  • The average price for items: ₹799
  • Payment methods: Multiple
  • Shipping: INDIA ( 5 – 7 Days )



Winner – KiyoDrip



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